Rez Q Booster Instant Rebuilder Dual Pack (A+B)

Deeply Rebuild Dry, Damaged Hair with Avena Triport Rez Q Booster Instant Rebuilder
Transform your dry, porous, or processed hair with the powerful duo of Avena Triport Rez Q Booster Instant Rebuilder. This dual-pack treatment combines two targeted formulas to intensely repair and revitalize your hair, leaving it feeling stronger, shinier, and healthier.

Whether you’re struggling with dryness, breakage, or dullness, Avena Triport Rez Q Booster Instant Rebuilder is your answer to healthier, more beautiful hair.

Key benefits:

  • Deeply repairs and rebuilds dry, damaged hair
  • Boosts body, shine, and elasticity
  • Strengthens and protects hair from future damage
  • Safe for all hair types
  • Easy to use and see results quickly


Pack A:

  • Rich in marine extracts: This formula deeply penetrates to reconstruct and revive dry, damaged hair.
  • Boosts body and shine: Say goodbye to dullness and limpness! Pack A infuses your hair with volume and a radiant shine.
  • Restores fragile hair: Brittle strands are no match for this potent blend, which helps rebuild structure and add resilience.

Pack B:

  • Collagen and Keratin power: These essential ingredients work together to strengthen and protect your hair from future damage.
  • Antioxidant effect: Pack B combats free radicals that contribute to hair aging and weakness.
  • Enhanced elasticity and shine: Experience hair that feels smooth, manageable, and gleams with health.

Both packs:

  • Easy to use: Mix the formulas and apply them to your hair for a deep conditioning treatment.
  • Visible results: See and feel the difference after just one use!
  • Safe for all hair types: This gentle yet effective treatment is suitable for even color-treated or chemically-processed hair.