Prestige Color

PRESTIGE COLOR – A dye that provides flawless color quality and ensures excellent shine and hair treatment.

3.38 FL Oz Tube

NEW FRAGRANCE, even more delicate!

  • 100% Coverage Of Grey Hair
  • Longer-Lasting Colour
  • Pure, Luminous Hair Colour
  • More Protection For The Hair
  • Close Correspondence With The Colour Chart
  • 100 Shades of Color



CAMELIA OIL – Rich in Vitamin E to deeply nourish the hair and strengthen the hair fiber.   The massive presence of oleic acid regenerates damaged hair in a healthy, long-lasting way so it looks shiny and feels super-soft.

LUMINESCINE – This is an active principle obtained from the velvet plant flower, which absorbs potentially harmful UV radiation and transforms it into a new source of light generated directly on the hair, adding to its shine.


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