Finishing Oil

Shine & Repair for All Hair Types

This lightweight oil, with its blend of mineral salts and waxes, instantly:

  • Revives damaged hair: Perfect for processed and dry strands.
  • Protects before & after treatments: Shields hair during coloring, bleaching, and perms.
  • Boosts shine and suppleness: Adds a healthy, radiant finish.
  • Improves manageability: Makes hair easy to dry and comb.
  • Combats dandruff: Soothes the scalp and reduces flakes.

12 vials offer convenient, multi-purpose hair care for every day.


made of mineral salts, ionic wax, and an emulsive cationic base. Applied to damp hair, it immediately acts to revitalize the damaged hair. It is particularly ideal before and after permanent and any coloring and decoloring treatments. Its great emollient power makes it easy to dry and comb, making hair shiny and supple. It is also recommended for antidandruff treatment.

How to use: before and after any treatments, sprinkle the contents of a bottle uniformly through the air. Let it set for a few minutes, rinse abundantly with lukewarm water, or leave it as a blow-out lotion.


Compuesto de sales mineralizantes, cera de tipo anionico y de base amulsionante de tipo cationico. Aplicado al cabello humedo, produce instantaneamente una accion restructurante en las partes danadas del cabello. Es aconsejable usarlo especialmente antes y despues de la permanente tinte - y la decoloracion. El alto poder emoliente facilita el sacado con el secador y el peinado, dando el cabello brillo y suavidad. tambien es excelente como tratamiento anticaspa.

Modo de empleo: Antes o despues de cualquier tratamiento, pasar el contenido de una ampolla uniformemente por todo el cabello; a los pocos minutos de la aplicacion enjuagar abundantemente con agua tibia.