Anti-Hair Loss Coadjuvant Vial

  • Fights and prevents hair loss
  • Promoting re-growth
  • Refreshes and tones the scalp

Available Size(s)

  • 10 Vials 6mL
  • 40 Vials 6mL


Anti-hair loss treatment – combats hair loss and promotes re-growth.
Combats the premature miniaturization of the hair follicles and prevents scalp inflammation by stimulating hair re-growth and increased density.
Promotes the regeneration of the follicles, stimulates cell vitality, and encourages more healthy and vigorous hair re-growth.

Active Ingredients
CAPIXYL™ INTENSIVE TECHNOLOGY e DENSITY RESCUE SYSTEM INHIBITS THE ACTIVITY OF THE 5-α-REDUCTASE ENZYME, thereby reducing the production of DHT, which is responsible for androgenetic alopecia.